Neil King : Ridgeway Racing

Ownership at Upper Herdswick

This video, displayed courtesy of the Racing Post, captures the thrill and joy of racehorse ownership.

Although the clip depicts flat racing and promotes the Yearling Bonus Scheme, the excitement of ownership in jump racing is just as great (and we think even more so!). Take a look and see if you would like to be part of it.

I very much welcome you to enjoy ownership at Ridgeway and please get in touch for further information, without obligation.

Racehorse ownership at Ridgeway

Anyone can enjoy being a racehorse owner and through syndicates and partnerships it can be cheaper than you may think. There are 5 types of ownership:

  • Sole
  • Joint
  • Company
  • Partnership
  • Leasing

Details of each can be found on the British Horseracing Authority website.

Whilst I buy some horses on spec and have horses in the yard for sale, it can be a great experience to choose your own horse from the sales and I will advise you and take you through this process. As a new owner you will then have the fun of choosing your racing colours and watching your horse on the gallops progress towards their first race for you. At the racecourse, owners are catered for with dedicated facilities and viewing areas, and then of course there is the thrill and anticipation of watching your horse run. Parade

Some things you may not know about racehorse ownership:


Did you know that you can claim back VAT? All VAT expenditure on the purchase, the training, vets fees, etc., can be claimed back by having a sponsor sponsoring your horse. Ridgeway Stables have their own sponsorship scheme available to all owners through a broker.

Appearance money

When horses run on a Sunday and also in some other selected races, they will automatically receive £125 appearance money - and that is just for coming under orders!

Opportunities for mares

In recent years mares / fillies have been treated much better with prize money increases, breeders prizes for British bred horses and more mare only race opportunities than ever before.