Upper Herdswick Farm, Burderop, Wroughton, Wiltshire SN4 0QH
Racing Office: 01793 845 011  Neil: 07880 702 325
Email: Neil@Neil-King.co.uk
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Ridgeway Racing's new all weather gallop was part funded

by the  North Wessex Downs LEADER Programme.

The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development:

Europe investing in rural areas

Meet The Team

Alexander Fielding

Conditional Jockey


Daisy Beckwith

Racing Groom


Paul Thompson

Travelling Groom


Jack Taylor

Pupil Assistant



Oriana Jane Baiines

Racing Secretary


Jasmine Swatton-Andrews

Racing Groom

Sandeep Thapa


Jemima Sealey

Racing Groom

Daniel Currie

Racing Groom


Michelle Owens

Racing Groom


Thomas Eyers

Racing Groom


Shannon Lapacinskas

Racing Groom


Ed Muir

Racing Groom

Pandora Briselden

Work rider


Stephanie Cresswell

Work rider


Michael Treneer

Work rider


Melissa Rose

Work rider


Nick McDiarmund